Join The Flock

About Our Field Marketing Manager Position

Are you an enthusiastic and optimistic people-person who gets the job done by working with others? If so, you need to join our field marketing team! As a Field Marketing Manager, your job is to put your best foot forward in representing The Black Sheep’s clients while carrying out field marketing tasks on and around your campus. 

• Pick up materials on a weekly basis from local clients near campus.
• Distribute marketing materials to students on campus during weekly marketing events.
• Take 20 pictures during each event that shows a “360” of the event, start to finish.
• Provide feedback and simple data, such as date, time, and location of the events you and your partner complete on a weekly basis.
• Keep in constant communication with your direct supervisor, a National Marketing Manager, based in Chicago, IL.

Time Commitment: 5-15 hours a week during an active campaign.

• Strong communication skills.
• Proactive and creative problem solving skills.
• Knowledge of campus events, high traffic areas, and ideal marketing opportunities
• Outgoing personality.
• Legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Compensation: $50 per event

Who We Want in Our Flock

Sense of humor

You’re someone who loves meeting new people, who isn’t afraid to approach a group and start conversation.

Strong Communicator

You are someone who likes to take charge in a group setting and feels confident in doing so.


You value the importance of remote correspondence with your direct supervisor and in person engagement with your peers.


You aren’t afraid of failure, and you’re capable of getting back up when you get knocked down.


You recognize the value that every person you meet has potential to help grow a business.


You think 10 steps ahead and are prepared for problems before they arise.

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