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About Our Social Media Manager Position

Do you love social media because it’s a great place to see and be seen? Are your social media profiles personal and funny to a fault? Are you up to date on the latest online trends and memes? If so, then we don’t just WANT you manning our feeds, we NEED you manning our feeds! Whether you’d like to come aboard your school’s local The Black Sheep team or be the one to start a branch at your campus, join The Black Sheep as a Social Media Manager! You will manage, promote and grow your school’s The Black Sheep branch social platforms by overseeing a small group of Social Media Contributors whose primary focus will be on creating the digital micro-content that students know and love.

• Attend and lead weekly The Black Sheep meetings on campus
• Grow and maintain an Instagram and Twitter
• Recruit and oversee a team of Social Media Contributors
• Overtime, recruit and oversee a Video Production Manager and their team of Video Team Members

Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week

• Strong leadership and communication skills
• A great sense of humor and awareness of both internet and local trends
• A phone capable of image editing apps, content scheduling apps
• Willing to cover the responsibilities of their social or video team should there be a shortage of staff
• Legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Compensation: Unpaid, but seeking class credit is encouraged


Who We Want in Our Flock

Sense of humor
Sense of humor

You are funny to a fault and you’re a master of punchlines.

Strong Communicator

You are someone who likes to take charge in a group setting and feels confident in doing so.


You value the importance of remote correspondence with your direct supervisor and online engagement with your audience.

Plugged in
Plugged in

You are aware of both online and local trends at your university.


You enjoy working with others and want the opportunity to manage a team of people with similar interests.


You can create content on a whim and know what it takes to gain a strong following.

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