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About Our Video Production Manager Position

Do you think videography is a great way to see who people really are? Do you have great ideas for funny videos, and want to manage a team of like-minded individuals to make them happen? Join The Black Sheep as a Video Production Manager. You will be asked to collaborate with our Digital Marketing Strategist from our corporate office to outline and execute a video production schedule that sees new campus-focused videos released in bi-monthly cycles, from planning, to shooting, to editing, and distribution of the video.

• Attend weekly meetings with the rest of The Black Sheep at your campus

• Production of locally shot 5-minute on the street, interview style videos on a bi-monthly cycle
• Edit video based on feedback from our Digital Marketing Strategist
• Submission of final draft of video by established deadline
• Use social media to share published videos
• Help recruit new members to the video team
• Weekly phone conversations with our Digital Marketing Strategist based out of corporate offices in Chicago, IL

Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per week

• Access to or ability to rent video shooting equipment
• Strong management skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Comfortable front-of-camera presence
• iMovie or Windows Movie Maker is adequate, but Final Cut or Adobe Premiere is preferred
• Outgoing, social personality
• Legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Compensation: $50 per video via direct deposit through a Stripe account

Who We Want in Our Flock

Sense of humor
Sense of humor

You are funny to a fault and you’re a master of punchlines.

Strong Communicator

You are someone who likes to take charge in a group setting and feels confident in doing so.


You value the importance of remote correspondence with your direct supervisor and video engagement with your viewers.


You have all your ducks in a row and a game plan at all times.


You enjoy working with others and want the opportunity to manage a team of people with similar interests.


You like to think outside the box and know what it takes to gain a strong following.

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