The Black Sheep Corporate Jobs

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic people to join our corporate team in Chicago. If you’re looking to hustle, challenge yourself and have fun doing it, check out our positions below!

Who We Want in Our Flock

Exercise Self-Discipline

We are a group of individuals who come prepared every day, focus on what tasks are important and prioritize responsibilities. People who exercise self-discipline are proactive, not reactive.

Be Teamwork Minded

We need and want people who are willing to help– whether that is teaching a skill set to someone who may lack it, or stepping up to help out if a team member is swamped, and you have a slightly lighter load. Being teamwork minded also means being able to respecting perspectives other than your own, and letting go of any mistakes that are made.

Maintain a Solutions-Oriented Mindset

There are a lot of resources available to you, maintaining a solutions oriented mindset is about your execution of using these resources. It’s imperative that you present solutions and explain the “why” behind those solutions.

Embrace Change and Challenge

Change is inevitable and we need to view it as an opportunity, show resilience in the face of new ideas, and buy into those new initiatives.

Pursue Growth and Knowledge

There are many opportunities for growth professionally, but it’s also important for our employees to use their roles for personal growth.

Display Integrity

We don’t build a strong, returning client base off of deceit. If we make a mistake, we own up to it– simple as that.

Take Ownership of Your Role

Take pride in your work, hit your weekly goals, treasure the autonomy of your role, and keep up with industry standards.