Our content may be hilarious, but we take connecting with college students very seriously. Let us help you find innovative ways to connect with students across the United States using funny, engaging, viral content.

College students spend nearly half their day on social media, which makes it one of the most important platforms to be on, but only if you can do it right. Thanks to our years of experience creating our own engaging content, we are able to take our expertise and help your brand reach students through Social Media Audits, Social Feeding, and high-touch Micro Influencer marketing. Click here to read more.

Reaching students on social media platforms is a critical strategy in driving brand awareness, leads and acquiring new users. Knowing which platforms to use is one thing, but creating engaging content and ads that resonate are the most important factor. We specialize in creating fun video ads that reach students on the most popular platforms per campus, while also offering local video solutions to create original content just for you. Click here to read more.