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About Our Digital Marketing Strategist Position

Are you an optimist that knows accurately following rules and processes is the way to a client’s heart? Are you a digital marketing professional whose days are scheduled with tasks down to the minute? Are you a communication wizard that loves to tell anyone you work with about the detailed, credible results you bring to the table? Then stop what you’re doing and apply to be a Digital Marketing Strategist at The Black Sheep today!

• Client communication including initial campaign kickoff, updating throughout campaign and final reporting at conclusion of campaigns
• Run targeted ad campaigns (across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat)
• Monitor and track campaign data, optimizing ads based on performance
• Working with the creative team to develop strategies in ad style and content to meet client needs

• Bachelor’s degree or higher
• Proficiency in digital ad platforms
• Proficiency in video editing suite(s)
• Strong client communication skills
• A Chicago residency is mandatory so as to be able to work in our Chicago offices

Salary & Benefits:
• Competitive salary for an entry-level position in the digital marketing field
• Health, dental, vision insurance
• Unlimited paid time off

• Professional development funding and opportunities
• Two work from home days per month
• Free gym membership in the building

In order to be considered for the role, please take our internal survey and upload your resume. If you are a fit for the position, we will reach back out!

Who We Want in Our Flock


Ambitious individuals are self-starters and self-learners. They go out into the world searching for solutions to problems, then bring those solutions back to our organization. When surrounded by other ambitious individuals, this back-and-forth flow of knowledge makes the entire organization better, as we incrementally improve many things.


We need and want people who are willing to help– whether that is teaching a skill set to someone who may lack it, or stepping up to help out if a team member is swamped, and you have a slightly lighter load. Being nice is great, being helpful is going to get us where we want to be.


Hustle isn’t your capacity for grinding out 16-hour days or doing a million things at once. Rather, hustle is one’s ability to find creative solutions and apply those solutions to issues that pop up.


You’re going to get knocked down, the question is, can you pick yourself up in a way that won’t ruin your week or month? Those are the kind of people we want at The Black Sheep.


Mistakes happen– we need people who own up to them, allowing us to move forward with solutions, rather than determining the person accountable for the mistake.


We don’t build a strong, returning client base off of deceit. If we make a mistake, we own up to it– simple as that.


Everyone has bad days, but we hope that even in the midst of a trying time, employees can engage with their work in enthusiastic, meaningful ways.

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