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About Our Campus Ambassador Position

Are you an outgoing person at your school? Do you maintain an upbeat and positive attitude in most situations? Campus Ambassadors are the on-campus face of our clients such as goPuff, Head & Shoulders, SmileDirectClub, and Cash App! If you love being put to the test and have strong communication skills, with a natural sense of curiosity, this position would be perfect for you!

• Maintain communication with The Black Sheep and your campus-level team via weekly phone calls, emails, and GroupMe messaging
• Conduct Field Marketing events on campus and at student events to increase brand awareness
• Submit 20 required event pictures with a written recap of the event within 24 hours after the event has been completed via our online reporting platform
• Identify hot spots for events during high traffic times to reach students
• Build, follow, and commit to a weekly schedule for events based on your availability
• Potentially store and transport activation materials and promotional items, per clients request
• Some client campaigns require branded posts on your social media outlets

Time Commitment: Depending on the client, it varies between 2-12 hours per week during an active campaign

• Excellent communication skills
• Outgoing, personable, ambitious, and reliable
• Interested in learning more about our brand client
• Involvement in campus organizations and understanding of school culture
• Previous ambassador or marketing experience preferred, but not required
• Customer service experience is valued
• Legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Compensation: Competitive flat rate per event with bonuses
via direct deposit through a Stripe account

Who We Want in Our Flock

Sense of humor

 You are someone who loves meeting new people, who isn’t afraid to approach a group and start conversation.

Strong Communicator

You are someone who likes to take charge in a group setting and feels confident in doing so.


You value the importance of remote correspondence with your direct supervisor and in person engagement with your peers.


You are someone who isn’t afraid of failure, and are capable of getting back up when they get knocked down.


You recognize the value that every person you meet has potential to help grow a brand.


You think 10 steps ahead and are prepared for problems before they arise.

Other On-Campus Positions


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Does getting paid to create content interest you? We are looking for Micro Influencers with 2,500+ followers and great engagement to represent the local and national brands we work with.

student data

Are you the organized/accountable friend? Are you interested in giving feedback to local businesses? If so, The Black Sheep is looking for Student Data Collectors, and you would be perfect for this job!