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About Our Student Data Collector Position

Are you a detail-driven student constantly striving for accuracy and improvement? Do you love taking notes in class, making sure you get every possible bit of information you can? Are you interested in giving feedback to local businesses? If so, The Black Sheep is looking for someone to collect information about local businesses, and you would be perfect for this job!

What You Would Do:
• Online Inquiry
• Submit a few housing-related questions on the complex’s website.
• Phone Call Inquiry
• Call the leasing office and ask a few housing-related questions.

• In-person Inquiry
• Schedule a tour with the leasing office while playing the role of a student seeking their next lease.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week

• Must be a college student living within driving distance of your campus
• Must be comfortable engaging with properties as a prospective lessee
• Diligent and organized note taking skills
• Reliable transportation
• Legally allowed to work in the U.S


• $25-$75, depending on the campaign.
• Small time commitment and you decide when you work.
• Real-world marketing and advertising experience and the opportunity to build relationships with advertising professionals at The Black Sheep.
• Recommendation letters upon request.
• References upon request.
• Resume review upon request.
• Professional development opportunities.
• Corporate job opportunities.
• Build skills in marketing and advertising.
• Please note that this is a contractor position.

Who We Want in Our Flock

Sense of humor
detail oriented

You have an eye for accuracy and catch most things people miss.

Strong Communicator

You have all your ducks in a row and a game plan at all times.


You value the importance of remote correspondence with your direct supervisor and in person engagement with your peers.

Plugged in

You are passionate about customer satisfaction and working with clients to achieve it.


You can be left to your own devices and produce work that is well above average.


You don’t shy away from a challenge, and you enjoy finding strategic methods to solving problems. 

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