Field Marketing

Here’s a quick overview of our Field Marketing services. Click here to contact us!


Our stealthy Field Marketing Teams infiltrate specific dorms and place a flyer under each door. With multiple students residing in most units, your business is able to gain additional impressions!


We strategically place our student teams in high traffic areas around campus and distribute flyers and/or promotional materials directly into the hands of students. We are also able to time out our actions properly to maximize exposure for your business during key events on and around campus!


For Greek Storms, we’ll visit 10 of the largest Greek houses and hand deliver or set up a display of promotional materials for all of the members. As an added layer, we can also set up Greek Announcements where we schedule time to talk to members to pass along any marketing messages that you’d like us to share!


We hand out promotional materials outside the popular bars in town!  This allows our team to engage with students in more of a social setting and the items themselves will be kept around for a long period of time, creating multiple impressions for your brand.