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College Students are a Tough Crowd. Here’s How to Market to Them.

The college scene is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable markets a company can hack. Students are fresh out of mom and pop’s house, willing to throw family brand loyalty out the door for a sense of independence. They’re suave with social networking and keen on innovation. Campuses are highly concentrated with potential buyers, and it only takes a few positive impacts for buzz to begin. Plus, college students are young, and likely to accumulate a substantial consumer lifetime value

However, tuition has increased 169% in the past thirty years, and 77% of college seniors say they ran out of money at some point in their college career. This leaves many brands fumbling. How do you get the perpetually broke to bite? 

Fortunately, The Black Sheep has infiltrated college campuses from the inside. Our nationwide network of student contractors has kept us in the know, from the chaos of the student union lunch-rush to the trenches of the local college bars. With the help of real college kids, we’ve been successfully marketing to real college kids since 2009. And we’ve picked up on six bona fide strategies along the way. 

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4 Reasons Student Housing Companies Can’t Forget Summer Marketing

Fall and spring may be considered THE prime times to market to students, however a summer strategy can be a hidden gem when it comes to filling student housing properties.

You might be thinking, “That doesn’t make sense, students LEAVE campus for the summer.” At first, summer marketing seems counterintuitive. Most students have signed leases for the next school year, those who haven’t might be less inclined to make decisions without physically being with their potential roommates, etc, etc. However, when you dig a little deeper, summer marketing can turn these red flags green.

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Social Media Usage and Media Consumption Survey 2020

In October 2020, The Black Sheep carried out a national survey targeting college students to understand their media consumption habits when it comes to social media platforms. Primarily, what apps do students use, and most importantly, why. These results help those targeting the Gen-Z audience understand how to reach this audience and on which platforms. 

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How to Measure the Success of Your Influencer Campaign

With 80% of brands planning on utilizing Influencers in their 2020 marketing plan, it should come as no surprise that Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing Industry sector. However, apart from the manufactured “candid” photos and glowing testimonials, what is the substance behind the Influencer science? Check out these ways to measure whether your Influencer efforts are giving you the viral bang for your buck.

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Social Media Has Changed Targeted Ads, And It’s Killing Housing Businesses Trying to Reach College Students

In August, following an announcement in March and partial implementation in June, social media platforms began radically altering their targeted ad platforms, and student housing got it the worst. Gone are the days of microtargeting specific ages and geographic locations, now you’re stuck throwing darts blindfolded. What happened, and what can you do about it?

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Why You Should Execute Online AND Offline Marketing Campaigns

In a digital world, it’s good to create balance. New estimates from eMarketer show that U.S. advertisers will spend more than $129 billion on digital advertising in 2019, and more than $109 billion on “traditional” advertising; making it the first time ever, that U.S. digital advertising will make up more than 50 percent of the market. So, while digital advertising is king, integrating offline marketing campaigns are still very relevant and important in order to reach target audiences.